The overall objective of Proud Colors is to implement a comprehensive action program to promote an understanding of the past, present, and future experiences, problems, and needs of queer students of color as well as the queer of color community as a whole. Moreover, Proud Colors intends to develop effective methods of dealing with these problems. Proud Colors is an organization for individuals at Columbia University who identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian, queer, those of transgendered experience, or two spirit. We aspire to continue the tradition started by Queers of Color, which was officially recognized in 1994 by the Student Governing Board of Earl Hall, and later by the Activities Board of Columbia in 1999. One of the functions of Proud Colors is to further knowledge and acceptance of the queer of color community through discussions, lectures, and other social events. Proud Colors also serves as an independent social, political, support, and discussion group and welcomes all people concerned with the advancement of the interests of queer people of color including Columbia College, SEAS, Barnard, General Studies, and graduate school students and affiliates.

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Proud Colors members at 2009 Lavender Graduation 

Proud Colors Kickoff BBQ Fall 2009

First Friday Spring 2009

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