Joint Statement from the 2010 Clear Party and Representatives of Concerned Student Groups:

During the recent CCSC election campaign, the 2010 CCSC Clear Party posted flyers around campus that read "Two Asian girls at the same time".  Concerned students approached the Clear Party, the CCSC Elections Board about the flyer two weeks ago and met with representatives and Deans Taylor and Aquino last Monday, April 27th. A diverse group of student groups including LUCHA, Proud Colors, the Asian American Alliance Political Committee, the Chicano Caucus, the United Students of Color Council, Students for a Democratic Society, Take Back the Night, and the Columbia Queer Alliance added their organizations' names to a statement that was brought to the meeting. From the meeting came important agreements between all the students present to enact institutional changes aimed at heightening the awareness of the ways in which hierarchies of power and privilege are reproduced by student council candidates and members.

While all parties understand that there was no malice behind the flyer, we all recognize that regardless of intention the flyer brought up painful histories and realities.  While it has no explicit sexual language, "Two Asian girls at the same time" connotes a sexual fetishization of Queer and Asian women.  We understand that these fetishizations emanate from racial and sexual hierarchies that place Queer people and people of color on the margins of society.  These hierarchies and the corresponding ideologies of racism and heterosexism have contributed to the invisibility of communities and justifications for American imperialism.  The Clear Party understands that the flyer was problematic for these reasons and apologizes deeply for bringing up these hurtful references.  We agreed that since CCSC candidates and the Elections Board do not want to perpetuate these oppressive hierarchies, institutional changes are necessary to ensure that student council candidates and Elections Board members have clearer and more specific way of judging campaign materials so that divisive, insensitive or demoralizing materials can be identified easier in the future.

We are now working together to enhance the language of Elections Board rules regarding what constitutes an offensive flyer so that situations like this may be avoided in the future.  We are also collaborating to brainstorm and execute ways in which ideas of power and privilege may be introduced to incoming student council members within the elections process.  Together we are making student council more accountable and responsive to Columbia College's diverse communities.

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